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Videos are no longer limited to shooting different scenes, combining them with a song or music, and providing them for people to watch. The media and its requirements have changed. Even people the social media also look for extraordinary videos. People do not attract to simple and informative videos. They want something unique and creative.

These sudden changes have made us realize that simple is not enough. Whether we are Youtuber or any other video makers, our creativity will be appreciated if you can edit our videos like pros. The first impression means a lot; to create that impression, you will need a smart video editing app and your Smartphone.

As a YouTuber and blogger, I prefer editing software that I can use both on my mobile and pc, and Inshot Pro APK fits best in the place. Inshot is a powerful video and photo editing tool that you can use if you have an Android device.

 InShot Pro Apk
App NameVideo Editor & Maker – InShot
PubInShot Video Editor
CategoryPhotos & Videos
RequiresAndroid 6.0
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What is Inshot Pro?

Inshot Pro is a powerful photo and video editing app that you can use on your Android mobile. The app comes with three key features and several sub-features that you can use to create an extraordinary video for your viewers and friends. The app has many filters to attach clips, merge videos, amazing slide effects, animated effects, different font styles, easy sound-adding techniques, and many more. Inshot Pro provides almost every advance levelled feature that a video editor can hardly neglect.

Purpose of Inshot Pro-

Our life is full of activities; some include our family, friends, and known people. Now whoever shares the scene with us always tries to remember them. And because Smartphone has become so advanced, it helps us to capture and save those moments. But only capturing is not enough; we all want something more. We wanted to capture some beautiful memories but could not do that all the time. But that does not mean you cannot fix your snap. Inshot , with its advanced technology, helps us customize and enhance all the snaps we want to change.

On the other hand, Smartphone also let us captures video images to make our memories lively, but we usually cannot do them properly because we are not trained. But that can not fade our Enthusiasm for capturing beautiful moments on our smartphones. Anyway, as we are saying, it is not easy, but with a video editing app, we can surely create beautiful videos. Inshot Pro is an amazing tool that lets us edit and create videos with amazing background music and effects.

Again, after the 2018 pandemic, there has been a sudden rise in using social media. More people are creating and sharing content on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. To share your content, you must take care of the presentation, which you can only do when using an editor. For example- Inshot Pro APK, with all its tools and amazing features, lets you create videos, experiment with them, and helps you gradually learn shooting and editing.

How does Inshot Pro APk Help Us to Create Videos?

Inshot Pro APK is full of features and amazing tools, and the latest version of the app includes several new features you cannot afford to miss. However, before we know about them, we should know about the jobs of Inshot Pro APK.

  • Video Edit- The Main reason behind the popularity of Inshot Pro APK is video editing. No matter what video you have shot, you can easily modify the using the Inshot tools. Trimming, cutting, and splitting are very basic that any video editing software. But Inshot provides you with something more than all these basic features. They will let you add amazing background to your videos and photo. It will let you merge several clips smoothly without losing the quality of the clips. Again, the app’s tool will let you crop and trim any clip and give you animated transaction effects to create extraordinary videos. You can export eligible videos for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or other social media. The app not only lets you export high-quality videos for different social media but also helps you to choose the perfect frame ratio for each platform.   The app also lets you convert any video into MP4 format.
  • Video Speed Control- Slow-motion and fast videos are the new trends. But every Smartphone does not have this in-built feature. Again, not all video editing apps let you control your video’s speed. But the feature is very important, especially for short video content creators. However, Inshot Pro APK lets you create every motion effect, no matter your phone.On the other hand, adjusting the speed is quite difficult on the small screen, but luckily, Inshot Pro APK can also be installed on the desktop. The app provides speed control from 0.2× to 100×. Users can easily be creative, play with the clips, and create amazing videos.
  • Music and Sound Effects– No matter what video you are editing or what content you are creating, it cannot be completed without music or sound. Whether the video contains some voice-over or just some shot, you need a beautiful sound in the background. However, getting a music track is not easy; you can get it under copyright. Inshot Pro APK has a huge library that allows you to use any music track. Moreover, the built-in tool will let you give different sound effects, which is probably the most attractive feature. Again, the app allows you to remove the noise and other disturbing sound from your raw videos. The app has a recorder and volume adjusting tool that lets you do everything.
  • Photo Editor and Slideshow Maker- The app allows you to edit videos or add sound and voice-over and also lets you edit like a pro. A photographer knows the time, perfect frame, light, ratio, ISO, white balance, etc. They take care of kinds of stuff and click the finest photograph. But we are not so aware of all these things. We are unaware of the pro features that come on our smartphones. Inshot Pro APK has exclusive photo editing software that lets you edit your photo like a pro. The app provides many premium features; simultaneously, you can create funny images by putting stickers, text, emojis, funny memes, and other exciting filters. You can also create a slide show and put them on your social media.
  • Filter and Effects- The app has several filters and effects and introduces new ones. These features help us create engaging video content and photos like professionals. Nowadays, we all look for perfection, and Inshot Pro APK provides that service. The app has different filters to adjust shadow, contrast, brightness, improve appearance, and many more. On the other hand, glitch effects, motion effects, retro movie style effects, and other amazing effects help you to create amazing videos.
  • Text and Stickers- If you are an informational content creator, you probably know text’s importance. The app comes with different font styles and effects. Even you can control the arrival and departure of the text with beautiful animated transactions and effects. Inshot Pro APK premium includes unlimited stickers, font style, and emojis. Even you can customize the colors and time of the title clips.
  • High Resolution- I don’t know if I tell you about this, but Inshot Pro APK can support 4k videos. Whatever quality you want- HD, HQ, 1080p, 720p you can make it all. You will not face any lagging if you edit HD-quality videos.
  • Simple Interface- No matter what effects it can create or what services it provides, everything will go in vain if using the app is not easy. Luckily the app is really easy to use. A simple single-click tab will not let you face any challenges while editing. You will be able to find categories for effects and sub-effects. The app only provides the necessary tools to let you create simple yet attractive images and videos. Again, in the beginning, you will be asked about your requirements; for example- if you want to edit a photo, you can choose the photo editing option. Again if you want to edit videos, you can go to that section. Moreover, several content creators face the main issue of mixing and inserting soundtracks, which is unexpectedly easy with Inshot Pro APK.
InShot APK
InShot Pro APK

Several Features of Inshot Pro APK-

  1. Creating outstanding Videos, editing photos, adding music to videos, and creating slide shows.
  2. Cut, split, merge, convert and give sound effects.
  3. Free soundtrack library.
  1. Export video quality with high Resolution.
  2. Rotation tool up to 90 degrees.
  3. Amazing and creative filters.
  4. Different text effects, animation, memes, and video transactions.
  5.  Control video speed like slow motion and fast motion.
  6. Add colors and effects.
  7. Adjust white balance, contrast, saturation, and other photographic effects.
  8. Compressing videos into smaller sizes with high quality.
  9. Ratio measurement for different social media.

What is New in Inshot Pro APK?

Several new features are added in the latest Inshot Pro APK.

  • 4K, 60FPS supported.
  • Hot Stickers.
  • New video adjustment tool.
  • Fixing bugs and errors.
  • Reverse feature supported.
  • New retro effects.
  • Dissolving transition effect.
  • Patter Background.
  • Timeline tool effects.
  • Motion H/V/X effect.
  • Filter packs like- Spot Color, Duotone, and Neon.
  • “Fresh” filter pack.
  • “Split”, “Film”, “Basic”, “Fade” effect packs.
  • Speed ramping pre-sets.
  • Photo cut out.
  • The material sticks to the frames.
  • Mosaic Tools.
  • Voice changer and modifier.
  • The cinematic ratio for widescreen.
  • Keyframe tools
  • Replace materials like clips or PIP.
  • Support for 24fps. 25fps, 50 fps export.
  • Trim and zoom ability on the time tool.
  • Custom GIF stickers.
  • Up to 200% volume.
  • New Silicon Estate Album.
  • Performance improvements.

The installation process of Inshot Pro APK-

Installing Inshot Pro APK is pretty simple. Just follow the step-by-step guide and enjoy the app.

Though the app is trusted and harmless, it needs permission to download and install on your device. However, if you are an android user, follow these initial steps.

  • Go to settings on your device → Open Menu Icon → Go to “Special Access,” select “Unknown Users” → click on Enable/ Trust → click on “OK.”

Once the process is done, you can proceed to the next step.

  • Go to the official source of the app Inshot Pro APK.
  • Once the app is downloaded, it will give you a notification.
  • Click on that notification or go to the download folder manually.
  • Now click on the apk file and allow it to install.
  • Wait until the app is installed.
  • As soon as the app is installed on your phone, it will ask permission to launch.
  • You must permit it to access your mobile’s storage, media, and other necessary folders to launch it.
  • Once you are done, the app is ready to create some amazing videos.

In short, Pro PC Version-

The best part of Inshot Pro APK is that it is available for big screens like PCs and Macs. Now, if you are creating highly complicated editing, you will surely need software to let you use it on your pc without an emulator. And Inshot Pro APK comes in software that supports both windows and Mac. Even downloading and installation are absolutely simple as it is for the mobile. You have to visit the app’s official page and click on the provided link to download it.

Four amazing Ideas for Inshot Pro users-

If you are a beginner, we assure you that you will not face any issues using the app. And if you are a pro, I believe you will find enough exciting features to explore. Now no matter who you are, here are four amazing ideas we have gathered just for you.

  1. Adding Black Bar- Have you ever noticed that movies have a black bar on each side of the screen? Now some professionals create these effects to make the videos more attractive. But you can also create the same effect using Inshot Pro APK. Just download a black image from Google, import it on Inshot Pro APK, put it on top and bottom, or make the black image one size bigger than your videos or images; now continue editing.
  2. Add PNG files- To create copyright, you need to add a logo or photos and other files that will mark your videos; even a watermark is necessary. Otherwise, someone else will use your videos. Now to do so, you have to add png files. You can create your logo or png files and import them on Inshot Pro APK.
  3. Zoom in and Out effect- Now, one of the recent famous addition to YouTube short videos is Jessy’s “ZOOM IN- ZOOM Out.” You can create the same effect using a simple trick in Inshot Pro APK. At first, cut out sections of the clip and go to the portion you want to zoom in; now click on the canvas to use zoom, adjust the level and click on OK. Now follow the same steps for both the zoom-in effect and zoom-out effect. And you will get perfect Jessy’s style.
  4. B-roll Effects- Now, B-roll is mostly preferred by the promotional content creator who talks in the background and focuses on the product in the foreground. You must add some footage of the product or anything you want to focus on at the top of your video. Now detach the audio from your video and add it to a new soundtrack bar.

Frequently Asked Questions-

How can we get the latest version of Inshot Pro APK?

At first, remove the old version app from your pc and mobile, restart your system or device, visit the official page[], and download the latest version of the app using the same process and installation.

How can remove the “watermark” from the videos?

The latest version of the app comes with watermark-free editing. If you still use the older version, switch the app and enjoy video editing without a watermark.

Does Inshot Pro still come with ads?

Now the latest version of the app does not come with ads. You can simply download and use the app[] without ads.

How can I unlock the premium options of the app?

The apk file you will find on this [] website is lock-free. You can access any of the features and facilities without prevention.


You probably understand why we are sharing Inshot Pro APK with you also you know why this app is most popular in the play store. The app is best for you if you are an editor or share reels and enjoy creating different videos and images. And the PC version is the best privilege if you are a professional. Moreover, the price of this service is less than any other editing software, and they also do not provide any photo editing software. Even if you are not a content creator, you still need editing software to help you improve and preserve your beautiful memories, life, family, and friends.